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Zelda the Zonkey

Mommy's Girl (Zelda) March 2017Mommy's Girl (Zelda) March 2017

Zelda is a Zebra hybrid

Zelda the Zonkey January 2017Zelda the Zonkey January 2017

Zelda arrived at IHERC 12:10AM January 15th from the USA after being rescued by Ashleigh Benton of Halifax. Zelda was only hours away from being slaughtered when Ashleigh stepped in and bought her. Ashleigh,  the animal lover and living in the city of Halifax knew she had to act quick to find Zelda a safe home, she contacted IHERC looking for Sanctuary for Zelda... as the old saying goes the rest is history. Zelda is not available adoption but will live and be spoiled by IHERC and friends.

Thank you Ashleigh for a job well done. And a special thanks to Jim Swetnam for spending 18 hrs of his day getting Zelda to Chester Basin.